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Course Description

This program enables employees at different levels to acquire the skills necessary to bypass crisis successfully. It shows, both on the strategic and tactical levels, how to handle the strains of emergency; it provides employees with tips on how to act in emergent situations whether occurring in the workplace or at home. It also helps the participants promote a safety culture within the organization.
This workshop will equip participants with the essential crisis management skills. The workshop includes the crisis management plan, why crisis management is important, types of crises

Who is the target audience?

Employees and Managers at all levels.

What am I going to get from this course?

-Expect and identify different types of the crisis
-Develop and execute policies and setting procedures
-Formulate the necessary crisis management plans
-Develop an ability to respond to crisis
-Lead the company through crisis time
-Estimate the crisis and analyze risks

Sherif Ezz El Din

Senior Training and Development Consultant

Sherif Ezz El Din is a Pharmacist, MBA holder from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School UK, Senior Training and Development Consultant with 14 years of Training (Classroom and Virtual), Instructional Design, Sales and Marketing Management experience in multinational companies in Egypt and Gulf.