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Course Description

1- Self-Leadership:
You don't need a title or a formal authority to lead anymore only a desire to be involved and commitment to making a positive difference.
Self-leadership is the way for both individual and organizational success.

2-MAP: Driving Self & Team Performance

If you want to stay happy, then the selection of the right career is imperative.
In case, you land yourself up in the wrong job, then you will be wasting half your energy in hating the job and that would do no good for your career or your life.
You will be stuck in a wrong place, doing something boring and at the end it will not only affect your professional life, but your personal life will also be hampered due to this.
So, you need to be smart when you are taking the decision about your career.

3- The Six Thinking Hats
The Six Thinking Hats is a role-playing model that allows discovering different thinking techniques & styles
It serves as a team-based problem solving and brainstorming technique.
It can be used to explore solutions and uncover ideas using lateral thinking.

Who is the target audience?

These 3 webinars are addressed to : 
1- Those who look for better communication, less conflict, simple & applicable way of leading their teams are basically our target audience.
2- Those thinking of building a new career or shifting to a new one
3- Corporates, Individuals, Managers and employees.

What am I going to get from this course?

These 3 webinars will:
1- Provide people with guidance and tactics for leading themselves successfully in both personal and business aspects;
2- Help people to explore solutions and uncover ideas using lateral thinking;
3- Help people taking the right decision when starting a new career or moving to a new one.