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Pharmacovigilance (PV) is under unprecedented stress due to major changes in a booming pharmaceutical industry, increasing numbers of pharmaceutical companies, creating and maintaining an increasingly complex PV system in a globally diverse regulatory environment, and from unpredictable consequences of historical PV cost-reduction strategies. 
The weight of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic is pushing harder with more companies are racing to produce a vaccine or treatment to the viscous virus.
Pharmacovigilance talents need to tailor their skills and attitude to adopt to the changing demands in the industry. This presentation discusses advantages and disadvantages of potential strategies to address this increasing problem at a corporate and industry level and in collaboration with regulatory agencies.

Who is the target audience?

-  Pharmaceutical industry corporate officials.
-  Current pharmacovigilance talents.
-  Healthcare professionals looking for positions in pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs.
-  Health economists.
-  Public health faculty members in health professions universities.

What am I going to get from this course?

-  Understand the new trends in pharmaceutical industry and its effect on pharmacovigilance activities.
-  Answer the question why many of senior pharmacovigilance posts are not filled.
-  Understand the risks of poor investment in pharmacovigilance.
-  Provide strategies to address shortfall in pharmacovigilance talents.
-  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing pharmacovigilance activities.
-  Create methods to eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Dr. A. bahnassi

Certified pharmacy professional

Dr. A. Bahnassi is a Visionary, vastly experienced, certified pharmacy professional with 20+ years of improving performance of organizations through expert orchestration of teams, programs, and human resources, inspired speaker, industry leader, and educator. A change ambassador who trains and embraces the culture of continuous innovation."