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Course Description

The Inventory Management plays a pivotal role in the Logistics; the module provides, through the description of its main topics, a comprehensive view of the basic principles necessary to set and manage a stock, balancing costs and service level.

Who is the target audience?

- Logistics Managers
- Warehouse Managers 
- Procurement Managers
- Forecast and Planning Managers
- Health Professionals

What am I going to get from this course?

• Inventory Main Features (objectives, definitions & key terms, systems, KPIs)
• Inventory Management Models
• Inventory Cycle
• Safety Stock, Service Level and Forecast Accuracy
• Inventory Costs
• A case study: the set-up of a highly specialized hospital pharmacy logistics model

C. Gatti

Shareholder and Executive Director

C. Gatti, born near Turin (Italy) in 1977, has started his professional path in 1997 working with some of the most important European aerospace and automotive industries, such as Thales Alenia Space and FCA-IVECO, developing a strong expertise in Logistics, Operations Management and Commercial Operations.2005, he has started to work in the social and health sector with primary International organizations as Hospital Manager, CFO, Planning Budgetary Matters Director and Head of Procurement; he has furthermore developed a specific experience in the international pharmaceutical supply chain.He collaborates with several academic and training institutions and he is currently shareholder and Executive Director of a business development enterprise, Think Global Srl.