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Course Description

This webinar summarizes the different steps of clinical research from initiation to publication.

Who is the target audience?

This webinar targets:

  1. Medical doctors and other healthcare personnel involved in clinical research.
  2. Pharmaceutical industry employees involved in clinical research.
  3. Students of health-related disciplines.

What am I going to get from this course?

The objective of this webinar is to address the different steps of the clinical research process, mainly: clinical research question, literature review, study design, proposal writing, data collection, manuscript writing, and manuscript publication.

Dr. S. AlTabbah

BS in Medical Lab Technology (MLT)

Dr. S. AlTabbah holds a BS in Medical Lab Technology (MLT) from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and a Pharm . D in Clinical Pharmacy from the Lebanese American University (LAU). After graduation, Dr. Al Tabbah held the position of a chief pharmacist at the World Health Organization (WHO), Beirut office. She supervised and directed a number of projects for the Ministry of Health and also supervised training programs for National Laboratory on laboratory management. She was also assigned by the WHO as the director of the Karantina Drug Distribution center in Beirut, which is a center established by the Ministry of Health to provide free-of charge, expensive drugs, to uninsured patients suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases. At a later stage, she established a pharmacy in Beirut, where she served as a community pharmacist for over 6 years. Dr. Al Tabbah is a strong supporter of the children’s cancer center in Lebanon where she served as a volunteer for 4 years. Through her work, she has been involved in the analyses and manuscript writing of different research projects. Moreover, as a clinical pharmacist, she has contributed in different workshops carried out at the national and regional levels, delivering sessions on different aspects of the conduct of clinical research.