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Course Description

This course will focus on common grounding in market access, training in representative decision-making across the product life-cycle and approaches to adapt to a fast changing industry landscape

Who is the target audience?

Pharma healthcare professionals, BD personnel

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. Understanding of key leverage points (evidence, non-evidence) used to optimize P&R outcomes across different in-scope markets.
  2. Navigating challenges and trade-offs (internal and external) for successful decision-making in evidence-generation planning and synthesis.
  3. Identifying key relevant stakeholders and assessing different non-evidence access levers enabling Access Leaders to develop a broader stakeholder engagement plan beyond payers.
  4. Focusing on the importance of market access stakeholders, the role of patient organizations, and utilizing collaborative negotiations to realize success.
  5. Developing a successful strategic P&R approach by understanding the overall option space, trade-offs and most relevant tools.
  6. Providing participants with the technical functional expertise needed to develop P&R strategies and then expands on how to build an effective pricing strategy in three parts, with focus on the payer and industry perspectives.
  7. Understanding the behaviors and tools of successful cross-functional Access Leaders, as seen by executives and senior internal clients